- Temporary Email

How to use temporary mail?

  1. Click the "create" button
  2. Use this email to register on sites, upload content, and so on.
  3. Read the incoming emails on this page on the left side of the site

What is a temporary post?

Temporary mail protects the main email address from annoying advertising mailings, spam, and intruders. It is anonymous and completely free. It has a limited validity period: if no emails are sent to such an email within a certain time, it will be deleted. On the Internet, there are other names for such mail — "anonymous mail", "mail for 10 minutes", "one-time mail". Temporary mail allows you to register on different sites (for example, in social networks), download files from file sharing sites, use them where you can hide your real email and use temporary mail. For example, public wi-fi points, various forums and blogs require visitors to register in order to fully use their site.


● Does not require registration

● Instantly create a new email address

● Read incoming emails, including attachments

● Quickly delete and/or create new email addresses

● Multi-language support

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