- Temporary Email

How to use temporary mail?

  1. Click the "create" button
  2. Use this email to register on sites, upload content, and so on.
  3. Read the incoming emails

What is a temporary mail?

With GetTempMail, you can instantly create a temporary email address for receiving emails.

Do not disclose your real email address to everyone to protect your privacy and anonymity.

GetTempMail features:

🆓 Free

🌐 Does not require registration

✉️ Instantly create a new email address

📦 Read incoming emails, including attachments

⚙️ Quickly delete and/or create new email addresses

📖 Multi-language support


You can only receive emails. Sending is not possible.

Do not use temporary emails for receiving sensitive data or signing in to important accounts. Once removed, emails or domains cannot be restored.

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